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GCBF Tickets Going Fast

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Tickets to Victoria’s Great Canadian Beef Festival are selling out fast, especially for the Saturday session. With over 45 craft brewers from across Canada, Belgium, and the Pacific Northwest and more than 7,000 people attending, it’s no surprise. (Their Web site must be getting a lot of hits since it’s hard to load up some of the pages, unless I’m getting throttled by my ISP…)

If you still want to attend this year, you’ll need to act quick in searching for a ticket and booking accommodation. Unfortunately, the GCBF Web site doesn’t provide full contact details for any of the outlets. But if you can’t get one from the nearest location, you might try checking others. If they have any, perhaps they might send you one if you offer to pay for shipping and handling.

If you come up empty, there are at least three other options:

  1. post a request on CAMRA Vancouver’s Facebook wall
  2. post a request on craigslist — Vancouver, Victoria
  3. volunteer at the festival

If there is one beer festival in B.C. you should absolutely visit, this is the one. The quality of the beer is uniformly high, a large number of brewers are in attendance, the festival is well-run, and the crowd is very appropriate for the size of the venue. As a bonus, outside of festival hours, you have an excellent selection of brewpubs to choose from within a walkable radius (see my B.C. Beer Blog Map in the top right margin). It’s a great excuse for a long weekend.


Written by BCbrews

July 27, 2008 at 1:30 pm

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