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Granville Island Drops Two Limited Releases

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Many of you may be unaware that Granville Island Brewing makes all of its regular beers in Kelowna. Only the Limited Release beers are brewed on Granville Island by Vern Lambourne. Many of us look forward to a change in season in anticipation of the next GIB Limited Release. Those of you expecting their Merry Monks Doppelbock and Scotch Ale, however, should not get their hopes up. They are being discontinued.

This year it was decided to introduce some new Limited Release beers, meaning some would have to be retired. The first new introductions were a witbier and a Belgian-style blonde ale. The wit turned out particularly well; Lambourne was also happy with it, therefore, we should see it again next year. He wasn’t as happy, however, with the blonde. The yeast didn’t meet his expectations, so its release was immediately halted. We may see a new attempt next year using a different yeast.

The latest seasonal is their regular Oktoberfest Märzen, which will be available until early November. That will be followed by a Trappist-style ale which will replace the Merry Monks. (Personally, I wish they would replace that horrible Winter Ale, but it is a very popular seller.) Cask versions of this will be available at The Whip and the Dix Xmas Xtreme Caskival on December 6. I hope someone else does a Doppelbock, but it takes time, so it may be too late.

In January, Lambourne will have a porter to replace their Scotch Ale. He hasn’t decided the specifics of the recipe just yet, but it will likely be a traditional version without smoke or spice.

Written by BCbrews

October 15, 2008 at 5:48 pm

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