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Brewing Up a Biz in Prince Rupert

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It’s hard to cover the entire territory of B.C. single-handed in any great detail. Therefore, I’ve decided to invite those who are involved in our craft beer scene in some capacity to contribute to the B.C. Beer Blog about their particular niche or region. Here is my first guest blogger, Rod Daigle, who will be sharing with us his triumphs and travails as he slogs through the process of setting up a brewpub in Prince Rupert. I’m looking forward to following Rod’s progress and wish him all the best on this momentous journey.

I’m not particularly superstitious, but I have taken note that I’m starting my first “blogging bit” on Friday the 13th. Although it’s only the AM, nothing catastrophic has happened so far (I’m knocking on my wooden desk as I say that).

So I’ve been asked to provide running commentary on the processes involved in a rookie starting a brew pub from scratch. That it might be of interest to readers (although I suspect this interest might stem from a dark place — a “let’s watch a fish flop around on dry land” sort of place). But to be honest, so far, the process hasn’t been so bad (knocking desktop again).

I guess I’ll start at the beginning. For all intents and purposes, the “official” thought process of this enterprise started this past summer when I had much too much time on my hands (and much time to dream), working in a remote area of the northern Yukon; but actually it goes way back beyond that. It certainly goes back to my first entrepeneurial venture: “Komic Kountry” (yes, stylistically spelled with two “K’s”). That was a “library-style” comic book reading club in my parents’ garage (10 cents to read one; three for a quarter). I’d say I was about eight then. I’m 38 now.

The time in the middle, I feel, has been spent marking time. Not that I didn’t have other ideas over that 30-year span. On the contrary, the years of “business start-up reverie” (albeit with lack of action) has proven beneficial. I could always answer the majority of the “Ws.” The missing ingredient had always been the “what.”

When the idea sparked of professional brewing, I realized that I had an idea for which I would gladly pass up meals, exercise, sleep, and even sweet lovin’ (as I’m reminded by my girlfriend regularly). I’ve been researching, reading, studying, brewing, pecking away at my computer, and chatting on the phone about it ever since. Sounds terrible right? But really, it’s not. To me, this project has been akin to raw sugar to a sweet-tooth junkie. And as I go along, I’m realizing that all successful entrepreneurs before me (which I hope to one day join the ranks of) were all just as intense about what they were doing (and just as sleep-deprived) as I am with brewing. Otherwise, things just would not have worked out for them. Plain and simple. The great intentions would have fallen by the wayside.

As I continue with research, exploding stout bottles, skipped meals, and refusing offers of going to the movies — preferring instead to work on Pro Formas — I’m hoping that my girlfriend is still loving me from afar (knock on wood).

~ Rod Daigle, Triple Island Brewing Company

Written by BCbrews

March 13, 2009 at 12:58 pm

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