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Brewing Up a Biz: ‘The’ Decision

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Okay, so my intention of writing a bit once a week has manifested into writing every week and a half.  That’s pretty good for me, I figure.  As has been expected, things are getting hectic.  But let’s travel back in time a bit…

When all of this beer biz contemplation started, I had some key decisions to make.  About this:  I have come to realize that “key questions” don’t come one at a time in succession.  Rather, they are inextricably intertwined from the get go.  One question usually hinges on the answer to several others, each of which first requires the answer to six more.  Even to this day (I’d put myself about half-way to startup), this reality continues.  I’ve taught myself to deal with it and take good notes.

One decision I didn’t have to ponder, however, was that of becoming a brewer.  I knew I wanted to brew professionally.  Unlike any other entrepreneurial schemes I had ever mulled over, this one required no loss of sleep.  How I knew, I can’t really say, but I did know.  There was as much uncertainty in that decision as there might be stepping on a hornets’ nest and asking oneself.  “Hmmm, should I leave now?”  This degree of certainty was relieving and, in my opinion, necessary.

So, that being said, I wasn’t a brewer.  I had never even brewed a batch of homebrew up to this point!  I was (as many often claim), a long-time connoisseur of all things beer.  I had come to this self-proclaimed rank through years of experimentation and appreciation.  I wasn’t one to debate the merits with the guys of one brand of commercially-available lager over another.  I’d usually be the one saying, “So you liked that?  Here, then, try this.”  So the passion was there. But as I would further learn, I didn’t know the half (nor do I still) of all that most professional brewers had forgotten.

~ Rod Daigle, Triple Island Brewing Company

Written by BCbrews

March 24, 2009 at 4:25 pm

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