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A New Chapter

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Guide drinking a Festbier at Gordon Biersch, Taipei

Converting my guide to craft beer: drinking a Festbier at Gordon Biersch in Taipei.

You may have noticed that my posts have been coming a lot less regularly. That’s because I have started a new business venture with a friend that is not related to beer. It’s called Adventurocity, a travel company focused on Asia. (No, I have no plans to move back to Asia at this time.) My passion for beer is exceeded by that for travel, so my beer activities are now taking a back seat. Fortunately, I won’t necessarily find myself wanting for a good brew when on the road, but that depends on the country. My friends Josh Oakes and Sunshine Kessler have done a great job documenting the beer scene in a number of places. (They are currently in Malaysia.) There’s plenty of mass-market lager in Asia, but not a lot of indigenous craft beer – a good business opportunity for anyone wanting to start a brewpub or microbrewery and live overseas. Some brewers from North America and Europe are already doing this.

In starting this new chapter of my career, I have resigned as CAMRA Vancouver President; I no longer write for Northwest Brewing News and Urban Diner; and I no longer work for the Craft Brewers Guild of British Columbia. Although I initiated Vancouver Craft Beer Week, my role with VCBW is as a consultant, not as part of the executive. Nevertheless, I’m still very interested in what is happening in the craft beer scene here and hope, some day, we will have a beer culture that will rival that of Washington and Oregon. You’ll only reach high if you aim high.

What does this mean for the B.C. Beer Blog? I hope it doesn’t mean a rapid demise. A while back, I tried to encourage other contributors as a way of offering a diversity of voices that could collectively do a better job than I of covering the burgeoning craft beer scene throughout the province. Unfortunately, I did not put enough time into it, nor am I sexy enough, to have been sufficiently persuasive.

I can understand how some people may not want to play second fiddle to me and thus decide to venture out with a blog they can call their own. But depending on the level of commitment someone might want to bring to this undertaking, I wouldn’t have a problem sharing the space. I am a firm believer in teamwork. Some of my best work has been as part of a group. A positively-motivated collection of open-minded people can take you places that you would never be able to go on your own. VCBW is a case in point.

Also, consider the amount of effort it takes in building a readership. Every time a new blog is started, time needs to be devoted to generating awareness and building traffic. That is why most blogs peter out after a while. It’s more work than you think. Given that I’ve already done a lot of this, why not take advantage of it? That way you can spend more time focusing on covering your local scene and developing a deeper understanding of your beat so that you can provide considered opinions people will value. Another benefit of collective blogging is that it takes the pressure of keeping the audience interested off a single person. This is also better for the readership because instead of trying to keep track of a handful or more separate blogs, all of that content can be found in one place.

So if you are interested in hanging your B.C. beer blogging hat here and, ideally, turn this into the definitive beer blog for B.C., feel free to express your interest in the comments area below.


2 Responses

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  2. I hope this blog can be sustained. It is one of my favorite to visit. Here’s to hoping I can come back for years to come!

    Glass Bottles

    June 17, 2010 at 7:55 am

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