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Vancouver Island Craft Beer News: September 24th, 2012

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It’s been a busy time in the brew houses since beer fest this year. Two of the Victoria breweries have new beers due for imminent release (if not already released) and three have some returning favorites, for a limited time. Without further adieu, here’s whats new for VI Craft.

Hoyne Brewing Company

Hoyne Brewing Company announced via twitter their new wet hopped beer, the Wolf Vine Wet Hopped Pale Ale

This very unique, single-batch seasonal offering was brewed using copious quantities of local, fresh, hand-picked (harvested on Wednesday, brewed on Thursday!) Centennial and Cascade hops. This limited edition amber colored Wet Hopped Pale Ale is delightfully fragrant and is proof of how fortunate we are to live in one of the great hop growing regions of the world. (via Facebook)

It is also of note that two other Victoria breweries are working on wet hopped beers. Driftwood Brewing Companies Sartori Harvest is covered next in this post, and Phillips Brewing Co is also working on one. (via facebook)

Driftwood Brewing Company

Driftwood has been teasing us with the return of Sartori Harvest all month. It is hitting store shelves very very soon. You may recall that Barley Mowat declared it one of the top IPA’s in BC. Back on September the 5th, Driftwood teased us on Facebook with this information (with pic) Expect to see it in stores in limited quantities. Drink up hop heads, I’m certain you’ll enjoy it.

The hops are coming off the bines at the Sartori Cedar Ranch… and we have a load ready to go in the kettles tomorrow! Sartori Harvest IPA time again! (via Facebook)

Phillips Brewing Company

Phillips Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale returns from the patch.

Crooked Tooth Pumpkin Ale is back and ready to put a smile on the faces of craft beer enthusiasts just in time for Thanksgiving!

Straight from the pumpkin patch, fresh ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg spice up this seasonal staple.  No tricks here, only the highest quality ingredients went into crafting this sessionable treat. (via Site)

Lighthouse Brewing Company

Lighthouse continues to shine, and they decided to bring 2 beers to market. First up is their brand new Pumpkin Ale, announced today (September 24th) via twitter.

Our newest bomber, Pumpkin Ale will start to hit the shelves this weekend! Make sure you grab some before the holiday!

Uncharted returns. As you may notice in the next portion about the upcoming cask nights at The Strathcona is that included in the list of beers is Lighthouse’s Uncharted Belgian IPA. I confirmed with Dean McLeod , head brewer at Lighthouse, that yes indeed this beer is coming back. Expect to see it at the Cast night at the Strath on October 23rd as well as in bottles late October.

Uncharted Belgian IPA was fermented with two different yeast strains; a Belgian Abbey style that produces a nice ester flavour profile with spicy notes and a classic West Coast India Pale Ale strain that showcases the punchy and tropical fruit flavoured Riwaka hops from New Zealand.  This is a lively and dynamic 7.5% alcohol beer that is presented to you in its purest form, cloudy and unfiltered.  Uncharted Belgian IPA is a very unique style of beer that is best enjoyed well chilled and served in a stemmed tulip glass. (via Lighthouse website)

Strathcona Cask Series for BC Craft Beer Month

To start BC Craft Beer Month off right, the Strath has a series of cast nights planned. First one starts October 2nd, at 5pm with Vancouver Island Brewery and their Harvest Marzen (via Strathcona website) Seven other evenings are also planned with several other breweries from Victoria. Here’s a list of other brewers and their offerings for the seven other nights.

Oct 4th – Lighthouse – Dry Hopped Switchback – Clubhouse
Oct 9th – Hoyne – Wet Hopped Ale – Games Room
Oct 11th – Driftwood – Wet Hopped Ale (Sartori 2012?) – Games Room
Oct 16th – Phillips – Krypton IPA – Games Room
Oct 18th – Vancouver Island – Stormwatcher – Clubhouse
Oct 23rd – Lighthouse – Uncharted Belgian IPA – Games Room
Oct 25th – Hoyne – Espresso Stout – Clubhouse (Via Beer on the Rock)

Happy Hunting Beer Fans

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  1. I’m stuck in Halifax until December but I asked my wife to pick up a few bottles of Wolf Vine for me! Hopefully she can snag some Sartori too! I might have to vicariously enjoy pumpkin beer season though…

    Great post!

    The Hungry Architect

    October 3, 2012 at 9:17 am

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