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Vancouver Island Craft Beer News, November 8th, 2012

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Curious as to what’s new and happening on Vancouver Island in Craft Beer? There is special dinner and tasting events planned, A charitable vote, new releases from Vancouver Island Breweries, and new days to test your trivial knowledge. Read on to learn more.

Swans Brewmaster Dinner

Saturday November 10th at 630pm Swans is having a special Brewmasters Dinner. The five course meal will be paired with six Swans beers. Price is $49.95 and tickets are available at Swans: 250 361 3310 | www.swansbrewpub.com

Check my leapbeer blog later in the month for a breakdown of the nights nosh.

Winterbrau @ Canoe Brewpub

Canoe Brewpub has a special event planned for you on November the 17th. Starting at 1pm in the afternoon join them for a seasonal beer tasting and food sampling event. Your $45 (Advance ticket price) will gain you access to the event featuring beers from Phillips, Driftwood, Central City, Coal Harbour, Hoyne, Saltspring, Lighthouse, Moon Under Water, Spinnakers, Tofino, Craig Street, Howe Sound, Longwood, Wolf and Vancouver Island Breweries.

Advance tickets available at this site

Vote for the Benefit Beer

Phillips has voting for their benefit beer up again. The available nominees(and beer style) are Music BC Foundation(Schwarzbier), Sunshine Clown Society(Beechwood-Aged Rice Light Lager), Providence Farm(Scottish Export), Little People of BC (Marzen-Oktoberfestbier),  Community Micro-Lending(Steam Beer), CNIB British Columbia(Whit Beer), The Nature Trust of BC(Pilsner), Lifecycles Project Society(Honey Ale), Cetus Research & Conservation Society(Milk Stout) & The Ucluelet Aquarium(Smoked Beer). According to the main site Veterinarians Without Borders is also a voting option, but it is not on the voting page.

Voting is open until the 18th of November. More information about the Benefit beer is here and voting is here. Winner will be announced by Phillips on December the 1st.

New Brews for the Island

This isn’t an advance notice, but just a listing of recent beer releases from Vancouver Island Craft Breweries.

First up is Phillips with their Super Massive Release of three different bombers to commemorate Craft Beer Month (Last Month). They released the collaboration beer with Great Lakes Brewery, the Puzzler Belgian Black IPA, The King of the Carboy beer, Erik Jourdan Northwest Amber Ale, and the Fresh Hopped Green Reaper IPA.

Driftwood brings us the 2nd in their Bird of Prey Series of sours. Driftwood site has this to say about this upset bear.

“This Belgian style, Oud Bruin (Old Brown), was aged in oak barrels for 16 months and then blended with a young ale for a unique profile of delicate malt, acidity and oak ageing. Mad Bruin will continue to develop more complexity with cellaring.”

He’s Back. The Hermannator, Vancouver Island Breweries seasonal Ice Bock is back in liquor stores, both goverment and private. This beer has been 25 years in the making and this years addition has been receiving some very high praise already on Untappd. Expect it to become scarce once the word gets out.

Trivia-0-Holics Rejoice!

Now all you who thirst for trivia glory can rejoice, you’ve got two nights a week in Victoria to exercise your intellect over your competitors.  On Thursday nights @ 730pm join the fray at The Moon Under Water Brewpub. Then Sunday nights, all November long, bring your wits and compete at Spinnakers at 830pm. Double the opportunity to “crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.” (Conan)

Better bring your A game people, some of the locals really play for keeps.

Check back for more news from Vancouver Island, or if you have your own news to share contact me via twitter or email and it can make future posts.

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