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B.C. Beer Blog
Rick Green started the B.C. Beer Blog in July of 2008 to provide people with news and commentary on the British Columbia craft beer scene that was largely absent from the mainstream media at that time. Since then, craft beer has been gaining more public attention, which has encouraged an increase in activities and developments around the province.

It is our hope to develop this blog into a collective effort of B.C. beer enthusiasts/evangelists, offering a variety of perspectives in one convenient place for people to realize and understand the diversity that is craft beer. If you wish to contribute to the B.C. Beer Blog, even if it is just a single guest post, e-mail YVR.foodie]at[gmail]dot[com.

As Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand li begins with a single step.” Are you ready to take that step?

Rick GreenRick Green
I am a Vancouver-based entrepreneur, freelance writer and craft beer advocate. I founded Vancouver Craft Beer Week, served as Executive Director of the Craft Beer Guild of British Columbia, and was President of the Campaign for Real Ale Vancouver Chapter. My work has appeared in Northwest Brewing News, The Georgia Straight, Edible Vancouver, What’s Brewing, and Urban Diner.

Previously, I worked in the cruise industry for a passenger agent, port agent, and logistics company serving the cruise lines with Vancouver-based ships going to Alaska. Prior to that, I was a multimedia writer, editor, entrepreneur, and producer for 10 years in Hong Kong and San Francisco, publishing for CD-ROM and the Web.

I am available for beer consulting and the hosting of beer dinners, seminars, and tastings. To contact me, send an e-mail to YVR.foodie]at[gmail]dot[com.

Paddy Treavor
Paddy TreavorIf you are looking for ratings of beers, pubs, breweries, etc, you will be mostly disappointed. That is not my purpose. What I hope to write about are issues, trends, ideas and opinions about the craft beer scene, focusing on Vancouver, BC, as that is my home. Having said that, my biases about certain beers, pubs and breweries will leak onto these pages because, as a writer, it is impossible to remove one’s self from the process to remain completely objective.

I hope you enjoy what you read here, and I hope that my words give you food for thought. This is more a labour of love than anything else. It allows me to tell my wife that my time spent drinking and talking about craft beer is “research”. Please feel free to post feedback and initiate discussion about the ideas posted here.

Chris Frederiksen
Chris Frederiksen portraitI am a 35 year-old craft beer enthusiast who currently lives in Campbell River, BC, on Vancouver Island. I’ve been married for 15 years (1997), with a five year-old daughter and another on the way, due spring 2013. My hobbies include hockey (both watching and playing), fishing (saltwater and freshwater), and boating. Secularly, I work full-time in Air Traffic Services at Campbell River airport for Navcanada, a company I’ve worked for since late 2001.

Beer-wise, I’ve always considered myself an adventurous drinker. I frequently found myself to be the man who brought the odd beers to the party. In retrospect, I was always searching out ways to broaden people’s beer horizons. Campbell River/Comox Valley is the heart of ‘Lucky country’. It is something I’ve railed against since my 19th birthday. The followers of my rally cry were few and far between. However, on January 3, 2012, after already having consumed 10 different kinds of beer since the start of the year, I decided to begin the Leapbeer Journey. I intend to drink and blog about 366 different beers over the course of the year. The equally challenging secondary goal of the Leapbeer journey is to attempt to expose the world (and myself) to as many Vancouver Island craft beer creations as possible. I’ve been tracking my progress and noticing how my palate is refining. While I initially set out to change other people’s conceptions about beer, the most profound changes have been within me.

Written by BCbrews

July 21, 2008 at 8:14 pm

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