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SYWTOABP: Top 10 Takeaways

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When I volunteered to write the “So you want to open a Brew Pub” blog post series, I had a rough idea of how many posts I was going to need to write, how much time I was going to have to spend researching costs and industry regulations, but in the end I probably spent a lot more time and energy on this series of posts than anyone expected. I tend to write lengthy rambling posts going into more detail than is necessary, so I often go back and rewrite the material into a short, snappy, Top 10 style list of key takeaways.

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So You Want to Open a Brew Pub

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Given the recent surge in the popularity of craft beer in BC, we’re beginning to see some new brewpubs and cottage breweries opening up. Therefore, it is timely that our newest B.C. Beer Blog contributor, Muskie McKay, will take a look at what’s needed to open a brew pub in the province. Please give Muskie a warm welcome. And if you are interested in starting a new venture, he may just be the person to hire to help you get a start on the right foot.

This will be the first in a series of postings dealing with the challenges and issues facing anyone who wants to open a brew pub in BC. This series will deal with legal requirements, costs, equipment, training, as well as more general problems facing all would be entrepreneurs. I’ve lived all over BC, Canada, and abroad, so I’ve had the opportunity to sample a lot of different beers. Nevertheless, I want this series to be very practical and very local, so all the laws discussed will be those facing British Columbians. All the costs and estimates will be in Canadian dollars. I’ve helped people open a number of restaurants and cafes, but I’ve never worked on the business plan for a brew pub.  I do have an MBA specializing in entrepreneurship, if that makes anything I have to say more relevant. Read the rest of this entry »