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SYWTOABP: Top 10 Takeaways

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When I volunteered to write the “So you want to open a Brew Pub” blog post series, I had a rough idea of how many posts I was going to need to write, how much time I was going to have to spend researching costs and industry regulations, but in the end I probably spent a lot more time and energy on this series of posts than anyone expected. I tend to write lengthy rambling posts going into more detail than is necessary, so I often go back and rewrite the material into a short, snappy, Top 10 style list of key takeaways.

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SYWTOABP 6.5: More on market research and cashflows

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Development site at Kingsway and Broadway, Vancouver BCThis isn’t the post I wanted to write or at least planned to write this week.  The plan called for another dull list of equipment you (I) need to price out, this time for a commercial brewing operation of a size suitable for our hypothetical brew pub.  The post I wanted to write was something in my mind that I’ve dubbed “A day in the life of a brew pub brewmaster”. To that end, I’ve been beating the cyber bushes for a brew pub brewmaster who is willing to talk about their job and duties. That post, whatever number it ends up being, will happen before the series draws to a close.  I’ve been putting off doing the list of brewing equipment until after my little chat with a working brew pub brewmaster, which made sense, but has meant publishing delays…

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